Thank you for considering your company's/organization's participation in the BBB's Center for Character Ethics ("the Center"), EthicalEnterprising Trust Assessment

The Center operates in selected BBB local markets and provides related tools and expertise nationally and locally through the Center's website, www.centerforcharacterethics.org.

In order to initiate this automated process for the EthicalEnterprising Trust Assessment, click the "Start" button at the bottom of this page after reviewing the following Assessment process.

By clicking the "Start" button below:

  1. You will first be asked to provide required information regarding your company/organization; you will then click a "Submit" button to submit that required information.
  2. The Center will automatically confirm your submission, or ask for any needed correction/completion. Upon acceptance by the Center you will be asked to continue with the assessment survey process.
  3. Your company's commitment to participate in this confidential Trust Assessment survey is made only when you pay for that assessment (with a credit card). The Assessment fee is based upon the number of Survey Summary Reports requested and the number of employees accordingly:
    # of Employees Fee for the total Company/Organization Additional Fee for any Sub-unit receiving its own Employees' Summary Report
    *11-49 $50 $30
    50-99 $100 $60
    100-249 $300 $180
    250+ $600 $360
  4. The Center will immediately confirm your accepted payment, and then ask you to confirm information for the company and units that will receive Survey Summary Reports: in turn you will then need to select (click-on), "Create the Survey." The Center will also thereafter send to you an email containing:
    • Easy to use templates for your leader to create communications, for sending to all employees, explaining the rationale for this assessment and seeking their participation.
    • A company confidential url-address [and separate url-addresses for any sub-units that are requested to receive a Summary Report of their employees' responses].
    • Recommendations for the Trust Assessment survey timing and completion.
    • Instructions for contacting the Center's personnel if additional help and/or advising is desired.
  5. You will then send a communication to all employees announcing the survey and providing the URL(s) to the respective employees.
  6. After the assessment process begins, you will use a password (that you will create) to enter your company's confidential Trust Assessment Site, to monitor progress in the number of completed assessments and, at the appropriate time, to end the survey assessment process.
  7. Upon ending the survey, the company leader and you (if not the same person) will automatically receive your EthicalEnterprising Trust Assessment Summary Report(s) with instructions including who to contact if further assistance is desired.
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* There is a minimum number of 11 required respondents in order to generate a summary report. If you believe that you cannot generate 11 or more respondents to the survey then please investigate the "Leader Review" (for small companies) on the website, www.centerforcharacterethics.org under the menu bar tab, "Resources."